Why Contact A Professional?

Landscaping is an important component of any home or business.  An understanding of design principles, plant materials, and structural elements is necessary to produce a landscape that enhances the value of a property.

Designing and installing hardscapes such as patios and retaining walls requires skills developed with experience and training.  The end result may look simple, but calling a professional in the beginning can save you endless headaches in the long run.

Since 1976 the professionals at Petranek Brothers, Inc. have been turning visions into functional, beautiful realities.  Our combined landscape architect, garden design, and horticultural skills can help you create the landscaped yard you have always dreamed of.

We can help you decide which elements best suit your yard, create guidelines for patios, decks, walks, etc.  We will also suggest tree, shrub, and perennial varieties that will provide shade in the summer, privacy, and color and texture throughout the year, keeping in mind maximum growth potential to maintain balance in your design over time.

The experts at Petranek Brothers recognize that most homeowners want a manageable yard that requires minimal maintenance.  We recommend McKay Nursery plant varieties that are grown specifically for Wisconsin’s harsh climate.  Our designs utilize native plants were possible in order to minimize watering requirements.  There are many dwarf varieties to choose from, but, of course, all plants do grow, and when your plants have reached a size where they require pruning, we offer that service also.